Plermin 7.5g Gel


gm in 1 tube 7.5

Plermin 7.5g Gel

Dr Reddy's
Plermin 0.1 gel is a chemical or protein called human platelet-derived growth factor that is naturally present in the body and assists in cell and tissue repair, thus healing the ulcers.
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7.5 gm in 1 tube

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Becaplermin 0.1 %
Becaplermin (brand name Regranex) is a cicatrizant, available as a topical gel. Regranex is a human platelet-derived growth factor indicated along with good wound care for the treatment of lower ex...
How It Works
Healing skin ulcers of the lower legs or feet caused by diabetes. It is used in combination with proper wound care.Becaplermin is a wound-healing agent. It works by helping the body to form cells i...
Side Effects
side effects :Swelling At Site Of ApplicationBurning Sensations Or Redness Of The SkinSkin RashesPain

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